Choosing the Best Wine Glass – Useful Tips

You have probably paid no attention to the glasses wherein you serve wine, be it red, white, sparkling or rose. But you should know that once the wine reaches the glass and you are ready to take a sip, the original texture can get changed very fast and easily if you do not choose the best wine glass. In the end, you will end up having a poor wine drinking experience without getting to taste the real flavor of a wine. You may have spent some good bucks on that bottle of wine, but if you do not have it served in the right wine glass then your money has been spent in vain.

Take a look down below and find out how to choose the best wine glass for a great wine tasting experience:

  • Choose the right bowl that goes with the right type of wine. The rule of thumb here is to always choose a wider bowl for the stronger drinks and a narrower blow for lighter drinks. For instance, red wine is stronger than white wine, this is why you need to choose a wider bowl that will aerate the drink and eliminate its flavor right into your mouth. You can also swirl the red wine inside the wine glass to release the flavor and have an in-depth wine drinking experience. Once you have the right texture in your mouth you can express your opinion on what the specific wine tastes like and know whether or not next time you will buy the same label. For lighter drinks, the narrow bowl is recommended because it can keep better the aroma inside allowing you to have a good taste of the white wine or champagne you are serving.
  • Another aspect to look for when choosing the best wine glass is the width of the rim. The glasses that have wine should have a narrow rim, with the crystal glasses having the rim parallel to the bowl or a tapering shape with a narrower rim than the bowl itself. Again this will influence the aroma of the wine you have in your mouth. For dessert wines you need to choose the wine glasses that have the rim as broad as the bowl to make sure that aroma is not preserved that strong.
  • The stem of the wine glass is again important not only for the aesthetics of the glass, but also for ensuring that you don’t hold the bowl in your palm changing as such the temperature of the wine. Long stems are recommended for this purpose so make sure that you choose the right wine glass while considering the size of the stem as well.

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