Silentnight Ultrabounce Duvet – 13.5 Tog – Super King Price: £32.95 (as of 12/08/2019 09:53 PST- Details)

13.5 Tog Winter Duvet
260 X 220 cm – Fits a Super King
80/20 Poly Cotton cover/Hollowfibre filling

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The Silentnight Ultrabounce 13.5 Tog duvet is designed for those who like a cosy duvet with sufficient warmth for even the coldest nights. It bounces easily back into its natural shape even after machine washing and is also hypo-allergenic. Most sleep experts agree that the optimal room temperature for sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.5 degree Celsius. While that may sound on the cool side to many people, the fact is that you are far better allowing your body’s own thermostat – and your duvet – to maintain your body temperature as you sleep. Even if you are naturally very warm or perhaps have poor circulation and suffer from the cold, setting the thermostat at 65 degrees F or 18.5 degree Celsius is a good start when you want to achieve the optimal temperature for sleep. After that, it is simply a matter of finding your duvet for the changing seasons. People with good circulation will generally find that a duvet with a Tog value of 3.5 to 7.5 will be suitable in summer, moving up to something between 7.5 and 10.5 in the cooler months of the year. However, if you struggle to stay warm in bed, you may well prefer a 10.5 Tog duvet in summer and a 13.5 to 15.0 in winter. This Silentnight Ultrabounce Duvet has a Tog value of 13.5, which makes it warm and cosy on even the coldest nights; with a non-allergenic hollowfibre filling that really does bounce back into shape, making it suitable for those who like a really cuddly duvet. The Silentnight 13.5 Tog Super King size duvet is also available in Single, Double and King sizes.
13.5 Tog Winter Duvet
260 X 220 cm – Fits a Super King
80/20 Poly Cotton cover/Hollowfibre filling
Machine washable
Guaranteed for 5 years

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